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The Path to Less Nerve Pain Program

 Path to Less Nerve Pain Day 1 and 10.png

Are You Struggling With Nerve Pain and Neuropathy?

Are you tired of taking medications that don't really work?

Have you been told you just need to learn to live with the constant pain?


5 Tips To Have A Better Day With Neuropathy!

Discover How To Experience Less Neuropathy Pain

Without Relying Solely on Meds or Giving Up Favorite Activities!

Need Additional Help Overcoming Your Neuropathy?

I invite you to learn more about our $7/month Foundational Transformation program! 

This program is designed to be the first step in your journey to decreasing your nerve pain and helping you become more active doing the things you love! This integrative online program focuses on:​

  • an integrative and holistic approach to managing neuropathy

  • empowers you to feel more in control of how you manage your symptoms

  • step-by step nutrition and lifestyle shifts to start healing the nerves from within

If you are ready to take the next step and truly change your symptoms I invite you to join The Path to Less Nerve Pain-Foundation Transformation Program for just $7 per month! 

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