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One of the most valuable, simple, and affordable changes you can make to your health is joining The Hormone Balance Program or The Hormone Balance PLUS Program.

We know that hormone imbalances can be responsible for everything from headaches to low libido to hot flashes to heart attacks, and they are at the root of most reproductive health issues from fertility challenges to painful sex and perimenopausal symptoms.

I want to share with you a valuable, simple to follow, evidence-based, energy enhancing program to support your hormonal health from the root cause – with my support all along the way!

This program was designed by my own mentor, Dr. Jessica Drummond, who founded the Integrative Women’s Health Institute. This is an evidenced-based program – and literally the process that Dr. Drummond uses with her own clients.

In each module there is a video training. There are handouts. In addition, the program includes some audio recordings, including meditations and breathing exercises.

This is EASY. Once you purchase the program, if you click on any of the clickable links inside the program, you’ll have immediate access to the handouts that are included.

This program also includes seasonal recipe guides for hormone balance, protein powder recommendations, a guide to household cleaners and tools, a guide to skincare and cosmetics that are not loaded with endocrine disruptors, a hormone balance testing guide. This information alone is worth TEN times the cost.

We know that women face hormone balancing challenges ALL throughout life.

  • Teenagers with period issues and acne

  • Young women in their 20s and 30s with heavy periods or irregular periods

  • Female athletes with fatigue as a result of over training.

  • Stressed out women!

  • Women in perimenopause

  • Women struggling with weight issues

  • Women dealing with the hormone storm of postpartum recovery

  • Women trying to get back in balance after breastfeeding

  • Women navigating menopause and feeling brain foggy.

You get the picture – this is a program that’s designed for every woman who struggles with hormone balance issues. It’s designed for you.

You have two great options to dig in and start balancing your hormones in a safe and natural way!

1. The Hormone Balance Program

This DIY program is worth so much more than its low $99 cost because through this program you will learn how to make simple and effective changes in your daily health habits.

The program includes:

  • 4 online training workshops with handouts, resources, and guides.

  • 4 seasonal, clinically tested, delicious cookbooks

  • Supplement guides

  • Journaling and emotional health exercises

  • Mindfulness and gentle movement exercises.

Making these simple, step-by-step changes are essential to finally getting relief from your hormone-related symptoms.

2. The Hormone Balance PLUS Program!

You get everything in the Hormone Balance Program, plus, you will also receive 4 coaching calls with me, which will help you to make progress toward your health goals fast with my personal support!

D-I-Y is great, but D-I-WE is way more powerful. When you sign up we will begin a 4-week intensive process, together, to help you have power over your health and life.

I hope you will check out one of these two programs and begin to take control of your life back! I can’t wait to support you every step of the way!


Dr. Heather Carlyle, PT, CCAP

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