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We help people struggling with chronic nerve pain and neuropathy experience less pain and more vitality so they can be more present in their lives and with their families

WITHOUT relying on medications or or painful procedures to bring them relief

If you keep living your life with neuropathy and pain, what will it cost you?

Can we help by listening to your story and giving you advice?

 We offer a Free Calmare Scrambler Therapy Consultation Session which is perfect for people suffering with ANY type of Neuropathy or Nerve Pain who could ENJOY life much more WITHOUT it. 

 If you are ready to begin with the Calmare Scrambler Therapy we ask that you fill out the form below so we can set up a time for your initial evaluation and best know how to serve you.

 In order to help you decide if Calmare Scrambler Therapy is right for you I offer a Free 15 minute Discovery Call so that I can speak with you one-on-one about your concerns and goals and help you decide if what I offer at Healing Essentials Physical Therapy is a good fit for you.

Want to Relieve Some Pain Right Now?

Claim this FREE guide that will provide valuable tips.

5 Tips To Have A Better Day With Neuropathy!

Discover How To Experience Less Neuropathy Pain

Without Relying Solely on Meds or Giving Up Favorite Activities!

Is Calmare Scrambler Therapy Right for You?

Take this quiz to assess whether or not physical therapy is appropriate for you.


Calmare Therapy

Calmare is a new type of scrambler therapy technology used for treating nerve pain. We are one of only a few clinics that has this new technology. We treat a variety of nerve pain conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy

  • Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

  • CRPS

  • Traumatic Neuropathy

  • Phantom Limb Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Post-surgical neuropathic pain


We offer an online integrative approach to overcoming neuropathy and nerve pain. 


We are passionate and dedicated to educating and supporting as many people as possible on how to live a life without pain. We offer a free online masterclass every month as well as periodic health and wellness workshops throughout the year. Please see our upcoming schedule to register. 

Upcoming Event Schedule

What Are People Saying About Us?


I was not able to bend over at all with my injury. Heather helped me realize that I needed to do a little PT and stretching without needing surgery to help overcome my injury. I just wanted to say thank you as now I can get back to spending time with my nieces, nephews, and going to the gym again.


I had been dealing with a shoulder issue and a sciatic-ish hip pain that gave me years of aggravation, then I met Heather. She was able to get my shoulder and hip as good as new in a few short sessions. And it has maintained its self! Heather is fantastic!


When I first went to her I could barely walk and was afraid I might need surgery because I was in so much pain. However, after a quick assessment she was able to figure out the problem and came up with a plan to fix it. After only 6 weeks of PT I was as good as new and pain free.

Want to to have a conversation with a person?

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